Rings Around the Sun

We were looking forward to a predictably beautiful sunset created by the magical setting of the Fernandina Beach Marina. As the cloud bank crept above the horizon, I became resigned to a gentle orange glow in the sky, but nothing more remarkable. Then a splinter break in the clouds opened and created a Saturn-like pattern in front of the descending sun. How many times do photographers whisper to themselves - "YES" - grateful that their patience was rewarded?

22 thoughts on “Rings Around the Sun

  1. While focusing ot he sun and its impact on the boats, you omitted any mention the incredible translucence of the water. You made this a very special image.


  2. This is so, so, so good Barbara! Wow. Seriously. Wow. Breathtaking scene here, I am so glad you had the patience to wait for this! LOVE the colors and silhouettes in this fabulous image, and that sun is absolutely without peer in the photographic world! Awesome.


  3. Simply perfect, that’s PERFECT!!!!!

    What an outstanding image, it has it all, excellent water, great boats, perfectly exposed sky and then that sun, and what a sun.



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