Buckhead Reflections

Buckhead is the "uptown district" of Atlanta, Georgia. It is a major commercial and financial center of the Southeast, with its high-rise office buildings, hotels, and condominiums forming a highly urbanized core along Peachtree Road. Surrounding this dense core, are Buckhead's suburban neighborhoods, which feature large single-family homes, situated among dense forests and rolling hills. These glass and chrome towers are reflections of each other and provide images that are both imaginary and real.


Sit a Spell

A country house on a country road outside of Pine Mountain, Georgia.

Baby Finchie

I've been late to work . . . do you blame me? We are the proud landlords of a nest full of house finches, five to be exact. I continue to be eternally in awe of the tireless, unconditional devotion of these parents as they care for their babies. I may need a new job . . .

Flower Boxes of Cirencester

Cirencester is a market town in east Gloucestershire, England, 93 miles west northwest of London and is the largest town in the Cotswold District.

Caution – Keep Out

The Southeastern Train Museum in Duluth, Georgia is an operating railway displaying over 80 pieces of retired railway equipment. It is also a time-machine journey back to an earlier, slower, more elegant generation.

Cathedral Windows

I hate it when I am locked out of a wonderful space. But as difficult as it might be, I must eventually accept the fact that it is off-limits. I know that I will return, and I find myself looking back, as I walk away.