Beauty Amongst the Rubble

Valparaíso Graffiti IStreet photography often rewards you with surprises and incongruous scenes.   Patience and a little bit of luck are definitely required!  Valparaiso, Chile.

Old San Juan

The grit and intricate beauty of Old Towne, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

To Market in Cusco

The southeastern Peruvian city of Cusco was the layover before the train ride to our final destination of Machu Picchu. The 10,800 ft. altitude didn't bother this gentleman as he negotiated the incline toward market to sell his produce. The cocoa herbal tea (purely medicinal) helped the unaccustomed adjust to the altitude and daunting obstacles such as pebbles and stairs.


San Juan Roof Tops

I was able to grab only six bracketed shots of these roof tops before the neighborhood police started to shout at me and shake their arms and hands in the air. I think that obscene gestures are universal in their meaning.

Passageway in Cadiz

Beautiful, colorful tiles adorn the passageways and courtyards in the port city of Cadiz in southwestern Spain.


The Art Police

I came across this "art gallery" during Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk two years ago. Cabbagetown is a small renaissance neighborhood East of downtown Atlanta, Georgia that's enjoyed a recent rebirth and home to the nation’s largest residential loft community. It's a wonderful village of artists, musicians and business professionals. People watching and street photography are at a premium during the Chomp and Stomp Bluegrass and Chili Festival.